Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mia n mee sup

Semalam bwk mia pegi mkn mee sup..ank daraku sorg ni memang suke sgt food yg ada mcm tali2 tu,..i.e, mee, bihun, kteow, so-on(betul ke spell cm ni)..ditambah pula dgn kuah yg byk..mia akn hirup ibarat itulah food yg t'sedap di dunia. daughter..soup is their favourite food..

Pak su nk suap mia buat derk jer...
may be she's better eat by her own style!!

Nak pulak pak long suap.. last..agknye dh overloaded, she preferred to emerge her cooking expertise!!

Suke sgt tgk mia pegang spoon!!



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