Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vegetable Baby Space Ship Rattle (TOXIC FREE & Biodegrable)

RM 28.00

Where to find products with safe food materials for your baby?

- 4 Soft pastel colors and a star shape.
- It's not necessary to wash with sterilizer.simply wash it with vegetable baby antibacterial spray made by Eco-riceenzyme.

Main Ingredient: EcolGreen PLA(PolyLacticAcid)
-. Vegetable Baby is made from biodegradable raw material "EcolGreen PLA".
-.EcolGreen PLA is mainly made from corn starch (PLA- Natureworks®).
-. Ecol-Green PLA is certified with the ECO-LABEL stamp, certifying it as both an eco-friendly plastic resin material and eco-friendly injection molding resin.
-. It doesn’t have any toxins such as dioxin, soot and, even any pollution from composting. (0% of Bisphenol A, DEHP,DIDP,DNOP,DBP,BBP,DINP,DEHA,DPrP,DPP,DHxP,DCHP,DEP)
-. These days Endocrine disruptor is a very hot issue, and so is global warming.
-. Vegetable Baby is thinking about our environment and protection of environment.



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