Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Gift Set Romper+handkerchief

 RM38.90 RM35.00
can choose: boy @ girl

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Supporting:Romper: 3month-2pcs, 6month-2pcs + Handkerchief 5pcs
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coolababy cloth diaper + insert

1 pc + 2 inserts
RM32.90 RM28.00

4 pcs + 10 inserts
RM131.60 RM118.00

10 pcs + 25 inserts
RM329.00 RM290.00

RM10.00 RM8.00

* Unique design of 3 snaps in a row, adjustable size, fits baby 3kg to 13kg
* Comes with 2 inserts (super-absorbent 2-layer and 3-layer microfiber terry)
* Outer polyester with PUL laminate to prevent leakage
* Inner made of soft microfleece

Washing Instructions:
* wash diaper prior from use to remove residues left behind from fabric manufacturer
* if diaper has been soiled, rinse content into a bucket, and tip bucket content down the toilet and flush
* do not use bleach or fabric softeners
* tumble dry and/or hang to dry in warm weather

You can choose the colour among the 13 colours
White, Pale Blue, Purple, yellow, Aqua Blue, Jasmine Green, Dark Blue, Orange, Pink, Mint, Green, Red, Warm Purple
Can Check from the Coolababy Charcoal cloth diaper for colour sequence.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Breastmilk Storage Bags *7oz* (25 Bags)

1 pack (25 bags) = RM13.00

Twin pack = RM 25.00

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Medela Harmony with 2-Phase Expression

Normal Price: RM269 Now: RM240

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Medela Swing

Normal price: RM799 Now: RM750

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Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump + cash value RM358

RM 1788.00

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Medela Mini Electric Plus Breast Pump

Normal price: RM729 Now: RM599

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Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump

Normal price: RM 469 Now: RM398
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Medela Freestyle

Normal Price: RM 2,299 Now: RM 1, 899

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

MAM Welcome Gift Set

Normal Price: RM120 Now: RM108

Special Gift Set

Consist of

1x 260ml anti-colic,
1 x MAM Start Pacifier,
1 x MAM Clip for Pacifier.
2 x 160ml anti-colic,
Comes in 3 color set (Blue, Pink & Green)

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Dry Shelf of Feeding Bottle

RM 34.00

Brand: Health
Name: bottle drying rack
Model: RK-3624


  1. This bottle drying rack can help you to naturally dry baby bottles, pacifiers, etc., to avoid secondary pollution..
  2. when there are several bottles should also dry better able to prevent even the back of the phenomenon..
  3. 8 bar and a long dry and short drying rod 8 can be arranged according to the actual situation of free, easy to use..
  4. widely used, can be dry bottle, pacifier or other small parts. Use sterilized forceps with bottles, etc. to ensure better health..
  5. can be simply split when they go out, assemble, easy to carry, easy to wash.


  1. after disinfection of the bottle nipple in accordance with the length of dry and drying rod..
  2. the length of the drying rods arranged in accordance with free and easy to use..
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Vegetable Baby Space Ship Rattle (TOXIC FREE & Biodegrable)

RM 28.00

Where to find products with safe food materials for your baby?

- 4 Soft pastel colors and a star shape.
- It's not necessary to wash with sterilizer.simply wash it with vegetable baby antibacterial spray made by Eco-riceenzyme.

Main Ingredient: EcolGreen PLA(PolyLacticAcid)
-. Vegetable Baby is made from biodegradable raw material "EcolGreen PLA".
-.EcolGreen PLA is mainly made from corn starch (PLA- Natureworks®).
-. Ecol-Green PLA is certified with the ECO-LABEL stamp, certifying it as both an eco-friendly plastic resin material and eco-friendly injection molding resin.
-. It doesn’t have any toxins such as dioxin, soot and, even any pollution from composting. (0% of Bisphenol A, DEHP,DIDP,DNOP,DBP,BBP,DINP,DEHA,DPrP,DPP,DHxP,DCHP,DEP)
-. These days Endocrine disruptor is a very hot issue, and so is global warming.
-. Vegetable Baby is thinking about our environment and protection of environment.

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MAM Thermal Bag

RM 38.00

The thermal bag was developed to co-ordinate with the MAM ULTIvent

Holds one bottle - either 160ml or 260ml

The high quality material and the insulating

Inside keeps hot water warm, and cold

Formula/breastmilk cool for up to 4 hours, depending on external temperature.

With Velcro and hook to attach to changing bags and pushchairs

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MAM Pacifier Silk Teat (+6mths) 2 pcs

RM 27.00

The MAM pacifier supports babies responsibly through every single day. It's always the perfect fit and it helps babies to relax.

To meet the highest standards, the pacifiers are developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists. MAM designers have designed pacifiers in differet sizes, ensuring a maximum level of comfort for babies of all ages. Thanks to the smart design, the pacifier always sits in the mouth perfectly. MAM pacifiers are anatomically correct to allow healthy jaw and teeth development.

The special Silk Teat™: MAM’s patented Silk Teat™ is silicone with a difference – no other silicone feels softer. And because it won't slip, the pacifier stays in the mouth with no effort at all. MAM pacifiers are also commercially available in high-quality natural latex.

  • Good for the skin, thanks to air holes and MAM's patented inside surface
  • Maximum choice of collection

You can choose Girl or Boy design.

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Baby Carter's Romper 5pcs Pack

RM45.90 RM 42.00

Choose: Boy/girl

Size : 3, 6, 9 & 12 months
Carter's wiggle-in bodysuits has expandable neck so that little ears and noses don't get squashed. This is made of 100% cotton. Carter's and distinctive design and trade dress of this product are the proprietary mark and trade dress of The William Carter company, and may not be used without permission.
All babies grow at their own pace.For best fit, simple refer to the height and weight guide below.
3m: length = 38cm, wide = 19cm
6m: length = 41cm, wide = 20cm
9m: length = 42.5cm, wide = 21cm
12m: length = 45.5cm, wide = 23 cm
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MAM Silk Teat (2 pcs)

RM 22.00

Types: Fast Flow X cut, Fast Flow, Medium Flow, Slow Flow

MAM new and unique teat guarantees breast-like comfort. The soft shape nuzzles baby’s lips and seals its mouth, which promotes a natural sucking action throughout the feed.

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MAM Anticolic Bottles - BPA free


Normal Price: RM33 Now: RM31


Normal Price: RM37.00 Now: RM34.00

pink, purple, Blue, Green

MAM Care Anti-Colic Bottle (ULTIvent) promotes natural sucking just like as when at mother's breast. MAM anti-colic bottle valve means less bubbles, and thus more comfort for your baby.
Besides, the base of the bottle can be unscrewed, making for easy and thorough cleaning. The protective cap locks the suction cup on for easy transport without spills. The clear quantity markings facilitate precise measurements.

Lastly, MAM Anti-Colic bottles are made of polypropylene and do not contain bisphenol A. So, it is BPA Free!!
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Snow Bear Sterilizer and IQ Warmer Combo Pack

Normal Price RM279.80 Now RM168.00

Snow Bear Sterilizer

Product Features:

  • Micro-computer controlled, it sterilizes the feeding bottles for around 10 minutes and uses the intensive heat of the steam which rapidly kills the harmful bacteria that can cause tummy upsets in your new born.
  • Unique design, it can sterilize up to 6 feeding bottles. It is very convenient to use its two handle and the stainless steel heating is easily cleaned.
  • No re-polluted - We design an especial slot of filling water, it can contain the excessive dirty water which is produced during sterilizing.

Method of Using :

  • Before using, clean its accessories well. Then, put 90ml pure water into the heating base.
  • Compare the picture of the module, then put the slot of filling water, its filter, feeding bottle shelf, feeding bottles, nipples baskets, nipples and the others accessories in order into the round tank.
  • Plug it in and press the ON button. The indicator lamp is lighted means it starts to sterilize.
  • Open the transparent cover, use the clip to get out the bottles, then close the cover again.

What So Special?

  • Advanced drainange design, adopting a unique water slot that catches the dirty water that's been condensed. This avoids repollution through the sterilization system.
  • Bacteria is removed in feeding appliance in 8-10min
  • Stainless Steel heating plate prevents water residue
  • A reliable audio signal to inform you that sterilization process has completed.
  • Double safety protection - includes auto power-off when operations complete - Fuse Protection.

Snow Bear IQ Warmer Product Features:

  • Micro-computer thermostatically controlled
  • Self regulating heat sensor maintains a constant safe temperature
  • Suits all major bottle shapes & sizes (include Avent, Medela, NUK, Tommee Tippe, Dr. Browns & etc)
  • Ideal of baby food and milk including formula
  • Heat fast, safe and evenly with Natritherm heat cell technology

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bumble Bee Breast Milk Bottle

1 box ~ 8 bottles

RM38.90 RM36.00

2 boxes ~ 16 bottles

RM77.80 RM60.00

3 Boxes ~ 24 bottles

RM116.70 RM90.00 

Bumble Bee Breast Milk Bottle (5oz) is 100% BPA Free
Bumble Bee PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles are made of BPA-free polypropylene (PP), approved by U.S. FDA. Researches have shown that PP is the BEST & SAFEST plastic for breast milk storage in retaining breastmilk’s beneficial properties.
Compatible with major brands breast pumps. The bottles universal thread size allows the bottles to be screwed directly to most breast pumps & express milk directly into storage bottles.
Save time by pumping directly into the bottles and save money by not buying separate storage bags. For storage, simply insert a sealing disc to store your precious breastmilk in the fridge or freezer.
Set includes:
* 5oz PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles
* screw rings
* sealing discs

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ameda Car Adapter

RM 125.00

12V car adapter specifically for use with the Ameda Lactaline Breast Pumps. It is very light and can fit Ameda breast pump the best.

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Bumble Bee Nursing Pillow with Washable Cover

RM 76.00

Bumble Bee Nursing Pillow props baby up high on mummy's thigh to make breastfeeding a comfortable abd pleasant experience. No more sore and stiff arms!!

Daddies benefits too while bottle feeding baby.

In fact, Bumble bee nursing pillow is useful for any support purposes - even as a chair cushion ring for mothers recoring from the sores of post-delivery.

The soft polyster filling makes a cushion too for baby. Wraps around the waist for secure fit. The U-shape design props baby up with just the right comfort and support. Useful for baby learning to sit or simply to prop up!!

It is made of 100% cotton and machine washable.

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Ardo Medical Calypso Gentle Breast Pump + Calypso UpgradeSet -- For Double Pumping

Normal Price:RM976.00 Now:RM863.00

Gentle and efficient, innovative but easy to operate... with the compact Calypso breast pump for personal use, we are setting new standards. Ardo Calypso Breast Pump offers outstanding individual flexibility in order to meet mothers' requirements.

The ARDO guarantee. The guarantee has been extended to 2 years. In Malaysia warranty will now be consiedered from your Expected Delivery Date and will cover all functionality over the period of warranty

Both in stimulation- and pumping- mode, the vacuum and cycle can be individually adjusted at any time.
Ardo Calypso Breast Pump can, if required, be extended with an UpgradeSet, and turned into a double pump (even more efficient).
Ardo Calypso Breast Pump comes as either a mains- or a battery-powered unit.
Ardo Calypso Breast Pump comes with a selection of breast shell sizes.
Safety. Complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents, thanks to its "VacuuSeal" technology.
Thanks to its air-chamber system and thin membrane, OptiFlow actively massages the breast.
The compact design and the reduced sound level of the working unit allow discreet expression. It is quiet.
***Things you get if you buy this Ardo Double Pumping Breast Pump Set***
1 x Ardo Medical Calypso Breastt Pump Set
1 x Ardo Calypso Upgrade Set

Ardo Medical Calypso Breast Pump Feature Description:

Individually Adaptable Settings

Ardo Medical Calypso Breastt Pump philosophy is to offer each mother the optimum performance of this pump and thanks to its "Individual Phases" technology it ensures pleasant and easy pumping
Ardo Medical Calypso Breastt Pump vacuum strength and speed interval can be adjusted independently to suit your personal requirements and mimic the individual sucking patterns of your baby
Ardo Medical Calypso Breastt Pump comes with a selection of different breast shell sizes to match your nipple size. You may just choose the size the you feel most comfortable.
Ardo Medical Calypso Breastt Pump can be operated with either a mains power supply or batteries.
Gentle, Pleasant and Efficient
Research Studies show that gentle massage can encourage the flow of breast milk
Ardo Medical Calypso Breastt Pump is developed to have air chamber system and thin membrane of the OptiFlow to gently massage your breast.
Combined with the gentle suction of the Calypso the OptiFlow actively massages the breast to ensure efficient and pleasant pumping.
Maximum Safety and Hygiene
The membrane pot in the PumpSet is at the heart of ARDO "VacuuSeal" technology.
It is total barrier against bacteria and protects the breast, breast milk and pump from impurities and contamination

Ardo Calypso Breast Pump UpgradeSet
The supplementary double pumpset

Promote milk formation and at the same time reduce the pumping time! With this UpgradeSet you can convert the Ardo Calypso breast pump into the Calypso double breast pump.

Easy to convert the Calypso Breast Pump into a double breast pump.
Contains different sizes of breast shell insert, and the OptiFlow massage insert.
The pumping time is reduced by 50%, the milk production is increased and the milk ejection reflex accelerated.
Particularly suitable for long-term use.
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