Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump

Normal Price: RM458 Now: RM387.00
This set consists of:

Spectra 3 breast pump
2 Breast Shield Set (double pumping)
1 Feeding Bottle
1 Bottle Cap
1 Teat
1 Bottle Stand
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Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump

Normal Price: RM888 Now: RM790.00
The Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump is the world's smallest, electric, interval double breast pump and offers ultimate mobility.
Ameda Lactaline Personal Breast Pump is easy to handle, small, and quiet which is the favourite breast pump for personal usage. It's ideal for moms working full-time or for anyone who wants a quick, easy and effective breast pumping experience.
The vacuum(0-330mbar) and cycle (30-60 cycles/minute) can be adjusted separately and continuously to meet the requirements and specific needs of all mothers and create most comfortable and effective breast pumping experience.
lightweight – weighs only 500g
Saves time — its unique design prevents milk and moisture from entering tubing, so there's no need to clean pump tubing!
mothers can Use it anywhere as ameda lactaline personal breast pump can operate using AC adapter or AA batteries
Includes patented Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System that creates barrier protecting breast pump and breast milk from potential viruses and bacteria.
Ameda lactaline personal breast pump is entitled for 1 year warranty.
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8 Safety Plus (pack of 8)

RM 35

- comes with pack of 2 bottles (4 oz)
-Polypropylene - Free BPA (bisophenol-A)
- Ideal For Breastmilk Storage in Refrigerator or Freezer
- Compatible with most standard pump systems including Medela , Ameda and Spectra

Wash all bottle parts in warm soapy water and rinse with hot water before first use.
Bottles are easy to clean and may be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher
Avoid contact with boiling water, high heat, flame and solvents.
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