Thursday, October 14, 2010

Snow Bear Sterilizer and IQ Warmer Combo Pack

Normal Price RM279.80 Now RM168.00

Snow Bear Sterilizer

Product Features:

  • Micro-computer controlled, it sterilizes the feeding bottles for around 10 minutes and uses the intensive heat of the steam which rapidly kills the harmful bacteria that can cause tummy upsets in your new born.
  • Unique design, it can sterilize up to 6 feeding bottles. It is very convenient to use its two handle and the stainless steel heating is easily cleaned.
  • No re-polluted - We design an especial slot of filling water, it can contain the excessive dirty water which is produced during sterilizing.

Method of Using :

  • Before using, clean its accessories well. Then, put 90ml pure water into the heating base.
  • Compare the picture of the module, then put the slot of filling water, its filter, feeding bottle shelf, feeding bottles, nipples baskets, nipples and the others accessories in order into the round tank.
  • Plug it in and press the ON button. The indicator lamp is lighted means it starts to sterilize.
  • Open the transparent cover, use the clip to get out the bottles, then close the cover again.

What So Special?

  • Advanced drainange design, adopting a unique water slot that catches the dirty water that's been condensed. This avoids repollution through the sterilization system.
  • Bacteria is removed in feeding appliance in 8-10min
  • Stainless Steel heating plate prevents water residue
  • A reliable audio signal to inform you that sterilization process has completed.
  • Double safety protection - includes auto power-off when operations complete - Fuse Protection.

Snow Bear IQ Warmer Product Features:

  • Micro-computer thermostatically controlled
  • Self regulating heat sensor maintains a constant safe temperature
  • Suits all major bottle shapes & sizes (include Avent, Medela, NUK, Tommee Tippe, Dr. Browns & etc)
  • Ideal of baby food and milk including formula
  • Heat fast, safe and evenly with Natritherm heat cell technology



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