Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dry Shelf of Feeding Bottle

RM 34.00

Brand: Health
Name: bottle drying rack
Model: RK-3624


  1. This bottle drying rack can help you to naturally dry baby bottles, pacifiers, etc., to avoid secondary pollution..
  2. when there are several bottles should also dry better able to prevent even the back of the phenomenon..
  3. 8 bar and a long dry and short drying rod 8 can be arranged according to the actual situation of free, easy to use..
  4. widely used, can be dry bottle, pacifier or other small parts. Use sterilized forceps with bottles, etc. to ensure better health..
  5. can be simply split when they go out, assemble, easy to carry, easy to wash.


  1. after disinfection of the bottle nipple in accordance with the length of dry and drying rod..
  2. the length of the drying rods arranged in accordance with free and easy to use..



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