Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spectra 7 breast pump backpack Set A (Free 6 bottles 2 cups)

Normal Price: RM817.00 Now: RM695

This set contains:

Spectra 7 Breast Pump
2 filters
1 short tube
2 Breastshield Sets
1 PP storage bottle
Moms Precious Backpack bag with rain cover
Moms Precious Cooler Bag
Moms Precious Storage and Feeding Set (6pack) (Twin Pack)
3 Ice Packs
The Spectra 7 Breastpump is a heavy duty Hospital Grade Breastpump. It is an ideal solution for moms with premature babies or those looking for a heavy duty breastpump or long term pumping. This pump can be converted into a Double Electric breastpump. All you need to do is purchase an extra breastshield.

Vacuum Pressure: 0 -350mmHg
Motor Durability: 1500 hours
Vacuum Cycle: 46+/-10%
Weight : 2kgs
Warranty: 1 year
Size: 189(W) 200(L)X 105(H)
Country of Origin : Korea



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